A High Efficiency Tankless Direct Vent Water Heater Will Save You Money

In the course of researching tankless direct vent water heaters, you may also run across the terms instantaneous or on demand being used to describe water heaters. There’s no need to get confused, as these names are all used interchangeably to describe the same thing. A water heater that produces hot water instantly, or on demand when you require it.

The main benefit that comes from installing a direct vent water heater is the increase in efficiency, and the corresponding energy savings from it. Since demand water heaters only produce hot water as it’s needed, and don’t bother storing it, a large portion of the energy savings come from the reduction of standby losses associated with conventional hot water heaters.

These standby losses are the heat that is lost to the atmosphere from the storage tank. If your hot water heater is located in a cold location, or your storage tank isn’t insulated, these losses can be quite large. Evidence of this would be frequent cycling of your hot water heater, especially when there is no hot water being used in your house.

Since instantaneous water heaters only turn on when hot water is required, and there is no storage tank, there are no standby losses. And unlike conventional water heaters, there will be no cycling of the heater to maintain an internal temperature.

And if you’re looking for even more efficiency, or are also concerned about the environment, you could even combine a direct vent water heater with a solar water heater. This could be done to either preheat water before it passes through the tankless heater, or as a backup for when there is insufficient sun to heat your water — cloudy days or at night for example.

So as you can see, the largest benefit comes from eliminating losses due to heating water and storing it. By eliminating the storage aspect of the hot water heater, you’ve eliminated the most inefficient aspect of heating water for your home. If you take those savings and combine them with the savings achieved from the longer service life of the tankless units, it’s easy to see why installing a tankless direct vent water heater is the most economical solution you can choose.

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