A Direct Vent Water Heater for your Home

Installing a direct vent water heater may be one of the easiest ways you’ll find to decrease your hot water heating costs, and to increase the efficiency of your home. A properly sized direct vent water heater can easily supply all of your home’s hot water requirements, while at the same time help you achieve savings that conventional water heaters can’t match.

The first thing to realize is that direct vent water heaters directly vent their combustion gases to the outside, and also pull fresh combustion air in from outdoors. They also come in a couple different types; the tankless version, or models with a storage tank. The difference, as the name implies, is the use of a tank to store the hot water.

Instantaneous, or on demand hot water heaters typically provide heated water only when needed, or on demand. They don’t heat the water and then store it. When you turn the tap or faucet on, the unit starts heating water. Because of this lack of storage, heat losses are minimized and efficiency is increased. The drawback is that an improperly sized heater may not provide and adequate amount of hot water for your needs.

The tank version of the direct vent water heater is a more traditional type of water heater. Water is first heated, and then stored in an insulated tank for later usage. The benefit of this type of water heater is that you’re not likely to run out of hot water during a longer shower. The drawback is that since the water is heated and stored, you’ll lose more heat through the tank, and in turn the water heater isn’t as efficient. This in turn can lead to higher operating costs.

When planning the installation, in order to get an accurate cost estimate, keep in mind the location of your installation can have a large effect on the total cost of your system. The further away from the exhaust point, the more expensive it will be. Similarly, the further away from any electrical power source that you’ll need, the more expensive it will be.

Finally, make sure that you match your hot water needs to the output of the water heater that you choose. There are many different models of direct vent water heaters, and they all provide different amounts of hot water. By carefully matching your needs to the output of your choice, you’ll never have to worry about taking a cold shower again.

As you can see, before you make any decisions there are a number of questions that you may have, and several that you should ask. Doing this will help to determine what’s right for your particular situation. Since direct vent water heaters come in a number of different configurations — outputs, fuel types, and sizes, you should spend a little time thoroughly researching all the different options that are available for your home. This will help ensure that your final decisions is the right one.

And remember, a properly sized and installed direct vent water heater will provide you with many years of trouble free service, while saving you money.

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